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Aircraft Accidents

OptimusLaw® OptimusLaw®, Accident Injury Help Center
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Aircraft Accidents

If you have recently been involved in an aircraft accident and suffered an injury, or if someone close to you has been injured or killed in an aircraft accident, you may have the legal right to obtain compensation. Aircraft accidents usually result in serious injuries or death. Serious injuries can permanently negatively impact the victim's health and lifestyle. If the accident was caused by pilot error, someone's negligence, a design flaw or a manufacturing defect, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, loss of wages and other losses.

The National Transportation Safety Board defines an aircraft accident as an occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft which takes place between the time any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flight and all such persons have disembarked, and in which any person suffers death or serious injury, or in which the aircraft receives substantial damage.

NTSB further defines injuries as follows:

Fatal injury is any injury which results in death within 30 days of the accident.

Serious injury means any injury which:

Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterRequires hospitalization for more than 48 hours, commencing within 7 days from the date the injury was received.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterResults in a fracture of any bone (except simple fractures of fingers, toes, or nose).
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterCauses severe hemorrhages, nerve, muscle, or tendon damage.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterInvolves any internal organ.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterInvolves second- or third-degree burns, or any burns affecting more than 5 percent of the body surface.

Aircraft accidents and injuries are typically associated with one or more of the following events or issues:

Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterPilot error.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterDefective design or manufacture.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterFlight control system malfunction or failure.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterStructural components failure.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterEngine damage or failure.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterDirect contact with any part of the aircraft, including parts which have become detached from the aircraft.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterDirect exposure to jet blast.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterIn-flight fire.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterAircraft collision in flight.
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterAn evacuation of an aircraft in which an emergency egress system is utilized
Ebensberg Criminal Law Help CenterWeather Issues: icing, turbulence, wind, thunderstorm, visibility, precipitation and windshear.

Excluded events include injuries from natural causes, self inflicted injuries or injuries inflicted by other persons, or when the injuries are to stowaways hiding outside the areas normally available to the passengers and crew. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, during the period from January 1983 to December 2002 there were 44,068 reported aircraft accidents. The table below summarizes accidents, fatalities, passenger fatalities and serious passenger injuries for U.S. general aviation.



YearAll Fatal Total Aboard 
19833,075 555 1,068 1,061 88
19843,017 545 1,042 1,021 16
19852,739 498 956 945 48620
19862,581 474 967 879 414
19872,494 446 837 822 21339
19882,388 460 797 792 25544
19892,243 432 769 766 25955
19902,241 443 767 762 823
19912,197 438 799 785 4019
19922,111 451 867 865 2514
19932,064 401 744 740 07
19942,022 404 730 723 22815
19952,056 413 735 728 15215
19961,908 361 636 619 31919
19971,845 350 631 625 221
19981,904 364 624 618 012
19991,906 340 619 615 1037
20001,837 344 595 584 839
20011,726 325 562 558 4834
20021,714 343 576 570 09

Aircraft accident personal injury cases are usually complex and expensive. You should always consult a qualified, licensed lawyer. You may contact the sponsoring law firm below to discuss the injury or schedule a free consultation. These personal injury cases are normally handled on a contingency basis. Typically there are no fees unless the lawyer obtains a settlement or award for you.

Where can I get legal advice about my Accident Injury issue or case?

If you have an Accident Injury matter or case and want legal advice for your specific situation, call the law firm below to schedule an initial consultation. 


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